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yoga classes

Anya's Yoga

Yoga provides a variety of benefits that will help you build strength, improve your overall health, and lead a more balanced life.

It's a therapeutic practice that will develop your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Fitness Kickboxing

G.R.I.T. Boot Camp

Ages: 12+

  • • An ultra-calorie burning workout in a fun and engaging atmosphere.
  • • A complete workout experience, strengthening and toning while building endurance and functional fitness.
  • • Exercise that focuses on your physical, mental and emotional health.
  • • A way to stay engaged in your exercise every day, and measure your progress along the way.
  • • Limited class size, ensuring that we can offer one-to-one attention focused on making sure your form is safe and correct.

Fitness Kickboxing

Personal Training

Ages: 18+

Whether you have plateaued with the results you have achieved on your own, or are just getting back into a fitness routine, the accountability of having a personal trainer is going to be the sure way to fast track your results.

Completely tailored to your individual needs, this program builds endurance, increases strength and sends your confidence sky-high.